Mobile Service From Fedora Possible?

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Few years ago somebody mentioned me about the "mobile tools" or "SMS
server" or something like that can be implemented in linux, which can
be used as "call forwarding" services or something similar ..... Now I
wanted to know more about this. So googling gave me some result like
"gnokii" which is more on a personal mobile phone tool. This is not
what I was looking for exactly. I am looking for information on how to
implement the automated Services.
For example, if I have to login to my yahoo through my very simple
mobile phone, I have to compose my message with my ID & password and
send it to certain number, then I can read my yahoo mails..etc. etc.

What I wanted to know is:

1) What are the technologies behind these?
2) Are Mobile Companies, Yahoo  etc. are using *nix platform to
implement this? or there are specialized hardwares?
3) Are there packages for linux for implementing this (I don't know
what to call this..."set of technologies"?)

Seems ambitious but I really want to know first in nut shell. Can some
body guide me on where to find information and guide me to correct

Sorry for posting this question here. I know its not related to fedora
release itself but Linux as a whole, but this is the best place I
found to post this question since I am using FC5. I hope somebody
knows about this in fedora community or may be somebody already has
implemented this in some company.


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