Re: AIGLX compared with Novell XGL

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Albert Graham wrote:
Hi Trond,

I would like to hear your thoughts on the Novell version of XGL as shown in this cool google video:

Is the Fedora version anywhere as advanced as this ?, the last time I tried it, it really screwed up my configuration and it took a lot of yuming to fix.
 ... which is the reason it wasnt installed by default and marked
experimental. Anyway you are seeing Compiz which is a window manager
that provides the whiz bang effects and confusing that with the
underlying framework. Metacity has a compositing manager with similar
effects and Compiz can run on AIGLX too.

As I said earlier AIGLX is part of Xorg 7.1 and easily enabled now.

More information on what all this means is available at

For me, watching this video make me feel really jealous, However, I
agree with the Fedora development approach on the GLX issues but, Novel
have all this candy "in the here and now", and I think that makes a big
difference, are we talking Fedora 10 ?
Xorg 7.1 will be part of Fedora Core 6.


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