AIGLX compared with Novell XGL

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Hi Trond,

I would like to hear your thoughts on the Novell version of XGL as shown in this cool google video:

Is the Fedora version anywhere as advanced as this ?, the last time I tried it, it really screwed up my configuration and it took a lot of yuming to fix.
For me, watching this video make me feel really jealous, However, I
agree with the Fedora development approach on the GLX issues but, Novel
have all this candy "in the here and now", and I think that makes a big
difference, are we talking Fedora 10 ?
Well I suppose at least it's on Linux before Vista :)

Thanks in advance.


Rahul wrote:
Trond Danielsen wrote:
On 7/13/06, Dave Cross <[email protected]> wrote:
I've just installed aiglx on FC5 using the rpms at It
seems to be working fine. I get nice drop shadows under all of my
windows and there's an interesting breaking glass effect when I
minimise a window.

But is that is does currently? Are there any other effects that I
should be looking for? Or some kind of configuration editor to control
the effects?

Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with what it does so far. I just
want to make sure that I'm getting all I can out of it.



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I think that is all there is atm. Aiglx was, according to the fedora
project wiki, supposed to be updated during the fc5 cycle, but I have
not seen any updates to repository since the initial release on the
18. of april.

AIGLX is now part of Xorg 7.1 which is already in the Fedora
development tree. It might be provided as an update to FC5 but I
havent heard of any decision on that yet.

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