Re: Use of Cups printing in a home network.

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On Monday 03 July 2006 17:59, Tim wrote:

Thanks for the clarification, Tim.

> If you want a client to use a particular server, you enter its address
> into the client.conf file.  If you want your client to use whatever
> printers are offered to the network, then leave it as-is (no particular
> client written into the client.conf file).  The server should announce
> itself to the network every 30 seconds, and all the clients should keep
> note of what's available to them (multiple printers, and/or print
> servers).
> This does require the server to be set up to allow browsing.  It's not
> by default, according to the documentation.  And, as it appears to me,
> it doesn't quite work as you'd expect it to, as far as @LOCAL as a
> BrowseAddress is concerned (that sets the address that the server
> broadcasts its availability to).
> Those two factors are probably the spanner in the works.
Seems that it's probably better, then, to turn off browsing if you don't need 
to print to different servers - right?  And that's probably why mine works so 
well.  Although I have 3 definitions they are 'virtual' printers, in that 
they are actually all the same one, on the same server.  It's never been 
worth trying to get my clients to print to the windows boxes' printers - they 
are too far away.

> At some stage, it worked for me, in the past.  I don't know why it
> stopped.  I don't recall changing the BrowseAddress parameter, though I
> do know that some printer configuration tools will re-arrange the
> configuration file.  I seriously dislike how they remove options set in
> their proper places in the file, and just tacks them onto the end.  I'm
> remembering to keep a back-up, this time around.
> The other thing that REALLY IRRITATES me about printing, is how I'll set
> the printer to be A4 paper, as a system setting.  But each and every
> application ignores that and requires hand configuring from US Letter to
> A4.  For heck's sake, start off with what *I've* configured as the
> default.  Bloody fool programmers!!!  I can't even buy US-Letter sized
> paper in Australia without seriously hunting around for it.
Seconded.  It can't, surely, be that difficult to have system defaults for 
such things?


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