Re: Use of Cups printing in a home network.

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Anne Wilson:
> Seems that it's probably better, then, to turn off browsing if you don't need 
> to print to different servers - right?

Possibly...  If you don't mind hand-configuring all your clients.

But if you want to be able to just plug in a client, and print, without
needing any client configuration, getting browsing to work is the way to

That's, at least, one area where CUPS surpasses using SMB for printing.
When it's going nice, you don't have to do a thing.  When you go to
print a page on a client, you've got the printer already in the box, or
a list of available printers, you don't have to configure that client.

>> The other thing that REALLY IRRITATES me about printing, is how I'll set
>> the printer to be A4 paper, as a system setting.  But each and every
>> application ignores that and requires hand configuring from US Letter to
>> A4.

> Seconded.  It can't, surely, be that difficult to have system defaults for 
> such things?

You'd think so, wouldn't you?  It's so obvious.  Probably most people
only have one size of paper in the printer.  Why configure the printer
ten times over.  Once in every application that you print on, then the
same again for each and every user on the system, and on each and every
client box.

Sure, if you're in a country that uses US Letter, you mightn't notice
that as a problem.  But go anywhere else, especially on a big network,
and you'll be cursing the short-sightedness of everyone who was involved
in making printing work on Linux.

Just here, it's five PCs, a word processor on each, two or three web
browsers on each, an e-mail client on each, a news client on several,
several different users on each PC.

5 PCs x 7 apps (at least) x several users = lots of wasted admin time

And, no, you can't leave it up to the users.  They hit print, and get
bad results because US Letter is shorter than the A4 paper in the
printer, and have no clue about why.  We're lucky it's not the other way
(paper too short for the job).

Heck, this issue ought to be solved before it even comes to configuring
CUPS.  Locale settings should set default pages for Australia, and
probably many other countries that have a common paper size.  Here, just
about any machine that uses cut-sheet paper uses A4, even most student
exercise books (for handwriting in) are A4.

(Currently running FC4, in case that's important to the thread)

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