Re: sound and corruption problem with thunderbird in KDE on FC5

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On Monday 03 July 2006 17:38, LPM wrote:
> --- LPM <lpm48@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I have a rather strange problem with Thunderbird in KDE.
> > I
> > can not get the new mail sound to work.  If I select a custom sound
> > and
> > then click on "preview sound", tbird freezes and then often will
> > crash.
> >  About the same time this started, I started to get abook.mab
> > corruption.  The usual garbage at the end of the file.  I can fix the
> > abook by removing the garbage, but it does get bothersome since it
> > happens about once a week.  I don't believe much in coincidences, so
> > I
> > would suspect that the corruption occurs due to tbird trying to play
> > a
> > sound.
> Well, I tried some more experiments.  I logged in to another user
> running KDE, and the wav file plays fine in Tbird on that account.  I
> went back into the problem account and deleted the .thunderbird
> directory and let Tbird create a new one.  Selected the wav file in the
> new mail sound preferences and tried a preview.  No go.  So it looks
> like it is a problem specific to the one user in KDE only.  I'm not
> sure what configuration files to look at in that account, and no clue
> what to look for even if I knew which files to look at.  I hope someone
> has a suggestion of what to look at next.
Just a couple of suggestions.  Go back to the other account, where the sound 
works OK, and check out all the settings in kcontrol > sound & multimedia.  
Write them down, then check your own account against that.

In particular, ISTR that I had some problems when, on the sound system > 
hardware tab, the audio device was set to autodetect.  I changed it to ALSA.

Similarly, start with the working account, and in a konsole run alsamixer.  If 
you haven't used it like this before, you move around by arrow-keys, and M 
mutes or un-mutes certain chanels.  Again, notice the settings, and try the 
same thing on the problematic account.  Try to set it up identically to the 
other one, and test after each change by playing a sound file.  If you think 
it's OK, then try to test against every type of sound file you will use, just 
in case.

Sometimes it's just one channel that should be muted or set very low, or it 
causes serious problems for other channels.

I'm no expert, but have had to experiment a bit from time to time.  HTH


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