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Thanks  a lot! Now I got the point. :-)

Well, Deepak, is there a WINS server on your network?

I believe that if you are running a workgroup (i.e. no NT or AD domain),
your Windows systems will still be able to find the web server using
NetBIOS name resolution, but your Fedora system running Samba will not
be able to -- unless you have a WINS server configured.

The simplest way to get your Fedora client to resolve names on your
network is to use the hosts file which I believe you have already
created for your other Windows systems. Backup your original /etc/hosts
file, then append the various entries for your computers on your
network, to the same file (do NOT delete the localhost line
in /etc/hosts, or you will not be able to launch X windows).

Pascal Chong
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