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Sorry for troubling you guys. Now I got the point that linux machine doesn't look for NetBIOS name to resolve the host. Now I had my IP of web server fixed and set up the hosts names in my linux machine and its working fine. As far as I am concerned, my problem is solved for now but it left me with some confusion about my previous experience with fedora.

Before I tried fedora 4 as web server also where samba is also running. In this setup all of my windows machine can locate the server and display webpage from fedora 4 machine. This setup was toally dynamic IP address based. In that case I is "Samba working behind the scene to resolve the hostname from NetBIOS name?"

Now I have fedora 5 using as client with Samba running and can locate shares in the different windows machines but can't display the webpage in windows machine. Isn't that Samba should take care in this scenario also as in previous case?

Anyway thanks to all for your valuable ideas and suggestion. :-)

On 6/30/06, Justin Willmert <justin@xxxxxxxxxx > wrote:
Tim wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-06-30 at 13:38 +0800, Deepak Shrestha wrote:
>> I have fedora core 5 installed in one of my computer in LAN. One of
>> the windows machine acts as the web server (internal) for the LAN but
>> I can't figure out how to get the web page served by that machine in
>> my fedora. Just typing the hostname (http://hostname) doesn't work, I
>> have to put the IP address to see the page. What's wrong with DHCP
>> setting? and how to fix this?
>> By the way all computers in my LAN have dynamic address which is
>> handled by DSL modem router. Other windows machine is behaving
>> correctly, only fedora installation is not. What do I need to do? I
>> also checked the network settings and found nothing to do with that as
>> it has all automatic option checked.
> Okay, why and how does it work with the other machines?  Do they have
> their own hosts file with the webserver's numerical IP and named
> addresses?  (Not a good idea with dynamic DHCP-set addresses, but fine
> if you set your DHCP server to always provide the same addresses to the
> same machine - static addressing.)  Is Windows doing some other
> tomfoolery to try and figure out name resolution?
> Does your modem/router's DHCP server update a DNS server with the
> addresses, and are all your computers configured to use that DNS server?
> They should all be configured to use the same DNS server, but it's been
> my experience that modem/routers don't act as a local DNS servers for
> the machines that they dole out addresses to using DHCP.  Say what model
> modem/router you have, someone might know how it works, in particular.
> In my case, I don't use my modem/router as neither my DHCP nor DNS
> servers, I do that on a Fedora-running PC behind it.  I can control a
> computer-based server exactly how I want to, the router controls are
> very limited.

I'm not an expert, but by how I've always understood it, Windows
machines use DNS entries, hosts file entries, and *NetBIOS* name
broadcasts to look up other computers. So, your hostname on your windows
webserver is found by the other windows machines because they're looking
up the NetBIOS name, but Linux doesn't search NetBIOS to find IP
addresses. I bet if you did an 'nmblookup hostnamehere' (where
hostnamehere is the name of the windows box), the Linux computer would
be able to find it. The way to fix that is to do what others are
suggesting and either give the windows server a static IP (which is
usually suggested for a server) or to get the DHCP server to register
the computer with a DNS server.

Hope this clarifies your problem.

Justin Willmert

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