Re: I had high hopes for FC5, damn...

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On Wed, 2006-05-10 at 14:43, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> >
> > Using the NFS method you can just point anaconda at the directory on
> > the NFS server containing the iso (or iso's if you use the cd images)
> > and anaconda will take care of reading the files from the iso.  No
> > loopback mounting needed on your part.  It's quite handy.
> >
> Very handy. Yet people say Linux is soo hard to install. :(

There is a lot of old documentation around that still says you
have to extract all the rpms into a common directory to do
a network install.   And it could be better: the boot sequence
has a timeout so if you walk away and aren't there at the
exactly the right time to enter 'linux askmethod' at the boot
prompt (and servers with a lot of RAM to test can take a long
time to get there) it bypasses the option and tries to install
from the CD's you didn't burn.   I'd rather see 'askmethod'
as the default, with the local CD as the default choice so
it's just one more keypress if you do use the CDs but you'd
always get your choice.

  Les Mikesell

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