Re: How to make yum seek alternative repository?

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On Sat, 2006-04-15 at 13:13 -0500, Matt England wrote:
> How can I make yum seek an alternative repository?  I've been looking at 
> it's man page and have yet to find anything.
> Background:
> My software development project wants to release .rpm packages via its own 
> yum repository (we don't yet know exactly how to set up a yum repo, but 
> we're assumign this is documented somewhere...and that we can make a repo 
> with *only* our project's .rpms and not have to server others...if not let 
> us know?).
> However, I don't know how to tell our users to point their yum command to 
> our repos while still inheriting the capability of the "standard" 
> redhat/fedora yum repos for the package dependencies that we will have (eg, 
> libc, Boost libraries, etc).
> Any suggestions?  I'm hoping our users don't have to edit system config 
> files to do this.  For starters, this is rather inconvenient and 
> cumbersome; also, this breaks the ability to support non-root installations 
> of software.
> Thanks for any help,
> -Matt

The repositores have started supplying installation rpms that set up the
repo data in the /etc/yum.repo.d directory.  You need to have an
installation rpm for your repo, then tell your users to download kyum
from livna.  This is a graphical tool that will allow them to target
repositories without having to edit any files at all.  They only have to
click some radio buttons and then choose their packages to install.
Kyum will browse your repository and supply package information for all
your rpms as the user selects them.

You can see what it looks like here

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