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>> Discussed to death here over the last few weeks.  But in summary,
>> "everything" never really installed "everything", and if you actually

Eugen Leitl:
> The point it took to click one checkbox to install a shitload of packages.
> User attention is a scarce resource.

Yes, it is, start paying attention...  I said, and I'm quoting from
others, that the everything option didn't install "everything".  It
installed *lots* of things, but it did *not* install *every* single RPM
that was available.  There are numerous reasons for this, I don't care
whether you like the reasons or not, the reasons are there.

e.g. On a 32 bit system there's no point, and probably some harm, in
installing 64 bit packages.  Certainly so if you try to use them.  Then
there's kernels for specific CPUs which you won't have.

There have always been some packages which conflict with others, they
*cannot* be installed at the same time, there is no resolution to this
other than to not install both of them.  Hence anything that pretends to
be an "everything installation" is not, and those picking one hoping
that it is installing everything so are being deluded.

If you really want to install everything, and it won't work, it's
child's play:  CD into the RPMs folder, and do:  rpm -i *.rpm

It will attempt to install all RPMs, there will be no difficulty for you
to try this (no options to pick, no variations), and it will fail.

> Please stop rationalizing deficits being features. They're not.

Stop expecting everything to be precisely what you want, it's not going
to happen.  Take your fingers out of your ears and pay attention to the
thread that has explained all of this, in excruciating detail, over the
last few weeks.  Those who've created the installation process
understand the problems, even if you do not.

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