Re: Problems installing FC4 on Dell Optiplex GX620

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On Sun, 2006-03-19 at 01:39 -0500, Myth User wrote:
> > Linux could very well succeed in the server room in large measure not
> > because of TCO but because there are enough people that don't like
> > Microsoft or don't want to use Windows Server for whatever reason.
> >
> Linux could succeed in the server room if it had the functionality.
> Care to show me where an organization the size of even a regional bank is
> using MySQL instead of Oracle or SQL Server?
I'm not a big fan of MySQL nor have I ever used Oracle or MS SQL server.
I actually use PostgreSQL and I think pound for pound, it competes but I
am not a real db tech.

What was the point here?
Oracle runs on Red Hat, runs on Windows.
PostgreSQL runs on UNIX/Linux/Windows.
> In an earlier post you said something about knowing strengths and weakness
> etc.
> Are you now asserting that Linux is in any form an enterprise wide solution?
probably for those who use it and probably not for those who disdain it.
I would submit that there are a lot of knowledgeable people that
consider Windows insufficient for enterprise. Opinions are like
rectums...everybody's got one. Same goes for TCO studies.
> Know what forget it.
> You and your pals are right.
> All the millions spent on AIX, Solaris, NT and it's derivatives are
> pointless.  All they needed was a couple of old A64 MB's and a "hot swap
> IDE" cage.
> I suppose we'll see something like IBM's 272 CPU SQL Server in moochware
> soon.
> yum install freedatacenter
> Please add me to your kill filters.  I'm done.  I will never go to salt lake
> city and tell them there are other religions again.
yum install freedatacenter...I like the sound of that. From the looks of
it...yum install freedatacenter is not something you will ever be able
to do on a Windows platform.

see ya


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