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On 2/23/06, Mike McCarty <mike.mccarty@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Christofer C. Bell wrote:
> > is this, Les (and others): "I do not care what they do to be in the
> > clear legally, I think they're in the moral wrong."
> >
> > I think dousing your wife in gasoline and setting her on fire when
> > you're bored with her and want to marry someone else is morally wrong.
> Well, you're getting a little bit extreme, aren't you?
> :-)
> Oh, and now I see what you meant in your private e-mail!

Yeah, I'm just pointing out that people will disagree on moral issues
and that's the only really extreme example I could think of that I
knew everyone would "get", would "see the side of the person that
believes it's wrong."  Like one guy earlier in the thread said, "just
because something is legal doesn't make it right."

Anyway, yeah, Red Hat Software doesn't have a leg to stand on to
prevent or even discourage the CentOS folks from doing what they do. 
Legal or not, I think it's on shakey ethical ground and if they are
adding enough "value" to be truly different, I might change my
opinion, or at least feel less passionately about it.

Be that as it may, the only reason people consider CentOS an
"Enterprise" Linux is because it's a spin of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
 That's the only reason.  Debian is just as "Enterprise" than CentOS,
in my opinion, but it's not considered an "Enterprise" Linux because
it's not a copy of something produced by a commercial venture and
marketed toward the datacenter user. It's like the thread, Mike, where
we were discussing Linus Torvalds' opinion about KDE.   Someone asked,
"why should Linus' opinion carry any weight anyway?"  Because he's
Linus, that's why.  Even if he doesn't have a leg to stand on, he's
Linus Torvals, famous guy, and people listen.  It's the same thing
here.  CentOS is a spin of Red Hat "Enterprise" Linux, so it must be
"Enterprise" too.  There are pleanty of alternatives to using CentOS
but folks like that one guy discounting Debian, SuSE, et al said, they
have to be "Enterprise" for him to consider them.  CentOS is only
"Enterprise" because RHEL is "Enterprise."

I still think what they're doing is wrong and I won't use it or
recommend it.  Obviously a fair lot of you think it's just peachy to
get RHEL for free.  Cool, knock yourselves out.


"I trust the Democrats to take away my money, which I can afford.  I
trust the Republicans to take away my freedom, which I cannot."

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