Re: Rampant Off Topic Posts, what to do about it

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Warren Togami wrote:
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> While I personally agree that all of the discussion about Microsoft,
> foreign fonts, and other flame wars here is very off topic and
> detrimental to the list, we are hesitant to impose censorship on a
> discussion list.  It is a huge waste of time to management and a
> slippery slope.  How do we fairly draw a line?  Everything is not
> clearly black or white.

This is true.  It is difficult to draw the line when sometimes someone
asks a question (all be it improper) ends up being a good question after
all.  Example: Mike McCarty.... I mean who hasn't trashed their
partitions at some time wondering How can I get all the information
back.  He posted the message as Very OT ... and it was a Debian problem
.. but the problem itself applies to all platforms, including Windows.

> That being said, I do request that list members please refrain from
> discussing things not strictly about Fedora on this list.  There are
> better places elsewhere to discuss Microsoft conspiracies, useless GPL
> speculation, or insular American attitudes toward foreign languages.
> Also, please also refrain from endlessly complaining about
> aforementioned behavior.  If you ignore trolls, they eventually give up
> and go away.  Feeding trolls only makes them stronger, and you become
> one of them.


Very well said.  Fanning the flames of a really bad topic only makes it
worse, adds nothing to the discussion and is often worse than the
original post.  Sometimes to the point of being vulgar.

> If you want to give up on this list, I usually recommend folks to head
> over to Fedora Forum because user lists don't scale even under best
> conditions.  A web forum is better able to organize topics, flame wars
> are much better controlled, while off-topic drivel is easily moved to
> where it belongs.
> Warren Togami
> wtogami@xxxxxxxxxx

James Kosin
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