Re: Fetchmail socket problem

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From: "Anne Wilson" <cannewilson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Sunday 22 Jan 2006 22:51, Craig White wrote:
On Sun, 2006-01-22 at 22:21 +0000, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Sunday 22 Jan 2006 21:02, Craig White wrote:
> > you have a pop server running?
> >
> > dovecot?
> Dovecot is configured to serve imap.

imap and pop3 are different protocols

# grep pop3 /etc/services
pop3            110/tcp         pop-3           # POP version 3
pop3            110/udp         pop-3
pop3s           995/tcp                         # POP-3 over SSL
pop3s           995/udp                         # POP-3 over SSL

# grep imap /etc/services
imap            143/tcp         imap2           # Interim Mail Access
Proto v2
imap            143/udp         imap2
imap3           220/tcp                         # Interactive Mail
imap3           220/udp                         # Protocol v3
imaps           993/tcp                         # IMAP over SSL
imaps           993/udp                         # IMAP over SSL

non ssl pop3 uses port 110/ non ssl imap uses 143
dovecot would have to be configured to to serve pop3 to connect to
port 110
Clearly I'm not understanding something here. I thought that fetchmail needed to know that my isp's mail server is pop3. I didn't think that dovecot was involved at that stage.

> > Is it configured to accept pop3 connections?
> You mean locally? It's configured to accept imap connections on the
> lan, but I was still at the stage of testing fetchmail on the
> command line, so I shouldn't have introduced any further
> complications.

fetchmail can't connect to port 110 if the server isn't configured to
provide pop3 connections. perhaps you should tell fetchmail to use
imap instead of pop3
The problem is that my old setup had the PopFile tagging package in the chain, and I can't remember the order that I set those things up. I do know that the old server uses pop3 in its fetchmailrc. I'm confused at the moment. I need to get to grips with the order that things happen.

> > is it running?
> Yes, it's running, and I can connect.  From this box I can see the
> messages I moved into one of its folders.  (The aim is to copy
> across all mail onto that laptop, so that it can function as server
> while I rebuild the real server).

if all you want to do is move it, why not just tar it up and transfer
the tar file?

Because the old server had the messages in mbox format and I want the new server to use maildir.

Then the right solution is the way I suggested, Anne.

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