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akonstam@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I agree this is a dead horse but it should not be. We are either a
> community or we are not. Red Hat is in business and they can do with
> there products what they want to. But then don't ask us to put money
> into a Fedora Foundation where we can pay out money to be ignored.

This Fedora Foundation changeover seems to have happened already in a
sufficiently low key way that many folks were not really aware of it,
including me.  Then this "will you pay money" email seemed to assume
that everybody would know what they were being asked to pay money for
without spelling out why they might want to.  Reading it, I had no idea
why I would want to give what still seemed to me "RedHat" my money.
Fedora Foundation Folks: many people don't seem know anything about what
is going on, get the message saturated out there then talk about
donations, and when talking about donations, explain why you would want
to donate.

It seems that the new deal is that the Fedora Foundation will decide
what is to happen with the general goals of Fedora now, so your
description above is outdated now apparently.  How it differs I don't
really know but I gather it is meant to be a completely standalone
creature made up of meriotcratic community folk.

Further nothing stops you joining in what is currently known as Fedora
Legacy and backporting fixes for Fedora Core releases Redhat consider
too old.  You're the "community", right?

> And when we complain we get the Red Hat shuffle. Go complain on a
> different list so we can be ignored on two lists at the same time.
> I am not concerned so much with Fedora or Red Hat not be able to do
> what we think aught to be done but the fact that it is made obvious
> that they will not even consider or opinions is intolerable.
> I am not going to switch distributions but I resent our opinions being
> ignored out of hand. And Raul that is exactly what your company is
> doing no matter what you say.

Let's give Rahul some slack here: he is a regular visible Redhat
presence on the list.  I can remember a time before Rahul when I was
moaning that there was no regular visible Redhat presence on the list.
Just looking at the last couple of day's traffic and imagining if I had
that job, I would have blown a fuse by now and be telling people to
Mandriva Ubuntu to where the sun don't shine.

As to opinions being ignored out of hand, this is a wide open Internet
Mailing List, some of the (I mean this only in the general) opinions
here will only be worth ignoring out of hand.  Yeah okay like mine.


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