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Guy Fraser wrote:

> Not sure how long you have been working with Red Hat Linux Andy.

Since RH8.  I am in fact a current RHCE.

> We used to have an alternative to pay for Red Hat Linux and 
> support which was priced for small business and home use. That 
> option was removed, and now we have to pony up for Red Hat 
> Enterprise if we want a stable alternative from Red Hat.

Let's not ignore CentOS and Whitebox.  You don't have to pony up
anything to benefit from the work Redhat (and of course the others
upstream) pour into these OSes.  But without Redhat you would not have
as smooth a ride as you get with Fedora, CentOS and Whitebox.

> The whole leach on the resources of Red Hat is totally worn out.
> We are providing Red Hat with a service, we are the test bed for 

Let's face it, as a whole we provide a patchy grumpy angry unreliable
"service".  We as a whole Bugzilla stuff if we feel inclined and let
most other issues slide because we are busy with our own stuff.  Fine!
I am not much better than the worst example of this... but unless you
are the guy that Bugzillas everything and follows up on it all don't
dignify our using the distro for our own benefit as some kind of
wonderful service to Redhat so they owe you.  In contrast they work hard
and send us consistently good stuff with consistently excellent security
updates, we just maybe complain when we have time (but benefit all the

> the next version of Red Hat Enterprise. If it were not for us 
> they would not be able to provide ongoing stable releases of 
> their Enterprise products.

We provide some QA for them when we feel like it is all.  They could do
betas amongst RHEL customers if they wanted, we are hardly all that
stands between them and "not be[ing] able to provide ongoing stable
releases" of RHEL.

This FC3 EOL angst coincides with changes in the way Fedora is run that
is a but unclear to the users yet, including me.  I guess the two are
connected and there is some insecurity out there about how the project
will go on, the extent of RH involvement going on, what "community"
means, how that cuts both ways and generally what the "New Fedora Deal"
is going to look like.  One thing is for sure though, the more Fedora
comes out of direct RH influence, the more "the community" is going to
have to put WORK in to keep things going, not just explanations of why
they are owed something.


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