Re: kppp doesn't know modem initialisation strings !

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> >Stop me if you know this. There are 2 kppp files on the machine.
> >/usr/sbin/kppp is the actual program. /usr/bin/kppp is really a link
> >to consolehelper and is set up for the user to run kppp.
> >However, I have only had success setting /usr/sbin/kppp to SUID and
> >running it as a normal user.
> The symlink to consolehelper is Red Hat's way to wrap stuff that 
> ordinarily requires root privilege (such shutdown and halt) and control 
> their use with PAM.
> This allows, for example, you to halt the system with the halt command 
> if you're logged in from a virtual console, but not if you've connected 
> using ssh. If PAM says you can do it, consolehelper execs the same-named 
> program fron /sbin (and maybe from other sbin directories, I don't recall).
> I think this is documented in the consolehelper package; if not, browse 
> the EL docs on Red Hat's website.
I agree with the above explanation of console helper but in relation
to kppp my experience that a SUID /user/sbin/kppp works better.

Aaron Konstam
Computer Science
Trinity University
telephone: (210)-999-7484

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