Re: Fedora Project Competetion?

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On Thu, 4 Aug 2005 3:06pm, taharka wrote:
Dotan Cohen wrote:

On 8/5/05, BRUCE STANLEY <[email protected]> wrote:

And since the current release of Centos (4.1) is built from the official
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4  source RPMs, it should be the same version
as supported by Red Hat. If it is bad, so is the official RHEL 4 retail
box version.

I had nothing bad to say about the product. I have never used it. I
was referring to the fact that a group of people who can not/will not
create a website that displays properly in Firefox and/or Opera are
not going the ones that I would acquire an OS from. Or have any form
of business relationship that could depend upon interoperability
(almost anything technology-related). I didn't even use Gmail until
they got things straightened out and it would work in Opera. I once
tagged over 5000 of my photos with a proprietary program and got
stuck. That won't happen to me again. Open standards, thank you!

Dotan Cohen
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No offense/disrespect intended but, basing an opinion as to whether or not "acquire an OS from/have any form of business relationship", because of an issue that trivial on on their website, sure sounds like you are knocking the product. If there are going to be any "interoperability (almost anything technology-related)" issues, they would be showing up in your present OS.
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 - josh

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