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On Sun, 2005-03-20 at 09:35, Sharon Kimble wrote:
> At the moment I have the curious and annoying situation where my network card 
> appears to de-activate itself at random intervals, but usually overnight. Its 
> a realtek 8139 which is connected to my ADSL modem, a DSL-300T made by 
> D-link. I leave the network connection up and working when I go to bed, and 
> when I come down in the morning I have no network connection, and when I 
> check the network-configuration gui, it shows the status as being 'inactive'. 
> If I double-click the 'status in the gui it shows that 'activate device when 
> computer restarts' as being ticked, and I've also enabled the radio button of 
> 'Automatically obtain IP address settings with dhcp'. 
> The modem shows that there has been no break in connection time, but does say 
> that there is no dhcp client available.
> Can anyone help me to sort out this problem please?
> Sharon.

Could your ISP be timing out your connection?

Check if there are any keep alive options with the DSL modem.  

You could also try pinging a site to keep activity going on the
connection to see if that keeps the connection active.

Check the log files as well to see if there is anything being logged.

Scot L. Harris
[email protected]

Alea iacta est.
	[The die is cast]
		-- Gaius Julius Caesar 

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