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Peter Lesterhuis wrote:

With some applications I can hear sound, with others I cann't.
When playing an audio cd I only hear sound when using digital audio extraction (using xmms). I do not hear sound in the "analog" play mode.

Well, that implies you either do not have an analogue cable between your CD-ROM and your sound card, or it is faulty.

Later, you say:

-I checked the cd-drive for an analog output to be connected to the soundcard, but mine does not seem to have one.

For what it's worth, is a good photo of what you should be looking for.

In any case, you will be limited to digital sound and hence xmms without

Gnome cd player seems to work, but without sound.

Gnome CD player assumes an analogue cable...

TV applications (zapping or tv-time) show good video, but no sound.

What TV card do you have?

I found the analog audio output on the rear of the cdrom-driver. Indeed there was no cable connected. However I can find no sign of something to plug the other end of the cable into. I thourougly checked the motherboard and soundcard.

Is sound of the tv applications also dependent of an analogue connection? My tv-card is a Multimedia controller: Philips Semiconductor SAA7134 (rev 01).

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