Another Evolution 2.0.2 problem

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I seem to be having unexpected and unwanted actions being done by my
filtering rules in Evo.

I have some roles based on body content, and others based on sender.  It
is possible for both to match the same message

The filters work as written. When the first rule matches the action is
to move the message to a local folder.
When the second rule matches, its' action is also to move the message to
a (different) local folder.

The real issue is that AFAIK the filter rules are only applied to new
messages coming in to the inbox, and the expected action is that after
the first rule moves the message to another folder it should not be
scanned again and another rule applied.  That however is what is
happening.  I am getting 2 copies of the same mail in 2 different

Obviously the filter rules are working (sorta) since the message gets
moved (copied) but this is not really acceptable behavior, and IIRC this
did not happen with Evo 1.4

Does anyone have a clue on how to fix this?  or should it be sent to

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