Re: Sound Problem

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J Cole wrote:

To How It May Concern,

I have Fedora 2, when installed it configured my sound as es-1371, my sound card is a Creative Sounblaster 128 (New).

The problem I have is that I can hear sound, but it has a lot of noise. I have used different speaker attachments to check the external connection but its still is has noise.

with the same hardware under Red hat 7.3 (standard, out of the box installation) worked fine.

Has anyone had the same trouble, should I update ALSA or go back to the sound engine RH 7.3 used?


Jason Cole

I was having a sound problem too. I don't know what you mean by noise, but I was getting a static hiss out of the left speaker that wouldn't go away unless I turned my speakers off. I did a google search and found the answer. If your running Gnome, click on the volume icon in your system panel and go to properties. Turn the volume all the way down on the digital-1 channel. In KDE, run kmix and turn off IEC958 in the advanced menu.

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