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Am Fr, den 19.03.2004 schrieb Mark A. Hoover um 01:15:
> I was wondering is anybody else here has had trouble mounting remote 
> share points when using the Samba client that comes with Fedora.
> I took a box with Fedora on it fully up2date'd and attempted to mount a
> Windows 2000 server in a domain setup from my linux box.  The mount 
> worked great, but it took almost 2 hours to copy 175 MB from an 
> otherwise idle server.  When doing the same copy from a WinXP laptop, it 
> took about 20 seconds.
> Any thoughts?  Something I should be tweaking?

First and always: check the logs, here in especial the samba logs in
/var/log/samba/. It that helps not much then run a tool like tcpdump. It
will certainly show you what goes on.

This slow speed is not normal. It may be collisions with other protocols
like IPX (I had that once within a mixed Netware and Microsoft net).
Check ifconfig too if there are some unusual data like errors.

> I've used the Samba server from Windows many times with great performance=

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