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I've read the email exchange, and I don't understand the question.

What do you mean "Why has this not been included"? Is the WHY so much more important than the HOW?

 - bish

Evgeney wrote:

Yes, the second question may been reformulated as
1)/What's the procedure for including /packages/?/
2)/What should/can be done?/

And there is still first question why the latest version of dictd is not in fedora?


? ???, 28.10.2003, ? 20:41, Doncho N. Gunchev ???????:

/> On Tuesday 28 October 2003 18:37, Evgeney wrote:

My answer is about packages in fedora.

1)Why dictd package is still 1.5.5? The latest version is 1.9.7. Look at
2)Why you do not include aspell-ru package? There are aspell-fr,
aspell-en, aspell-it
But there is no aspell-ru. There is such package look at

With regards,
There's,, aspell-bg-3.0.tar.gz, ispell-bg-3.0.tar.gz
 all in

 KDE has Bulgarian localization built in, but RedHat did not support Bulgarian language
and kde-i18n-Bulgarian was not distributed. I supose that including all kde localizations
can take a lot of space...

I think the questions are:
	What's the procedure for including them?
	What should/can be done?/

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