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On Sat, 2003-10-04 at 16:08, BruceG wrote:
> Sounds like we have a couple of old men, lol. I'm 45 as well, with 46 staring 
> me in the eyes (in November).

Move over to the slow lane. Here's 34 comin' through! Geez, I thought I
was old to be working with computers...

> I like SuSE, but it isn't doing it for me - so I'm 
> looking around. Another alternative is to try out the SuSE newsgroup. A third 
> alternative is to download the SuSE Live Evaluation CD to see if you like it. 
> If so, then it might be worth purchasing it.

If you have a friend that has it, there's nothing preventing you from
making copies. I may try getting someone to host a BitTorrent of the
next release. I fear the implications, but if making copies is ok...

I'm coming around again to "Red Hat." I left -- after 4 solid years --
with all the mess back in the spring. Face it, they dumped their
consumer distro back then, not now. I landed with SuSE. I had tried RH
8.0 and 9, but SuSE 8.2 just felt like what I expected RH 8.0 to be.
SuSE 8.2 was -- to me -- RH 7.4. It's just rock solid.

So, I'm sold on SuSE... until they pull a "Red Hat" on me. On the other
hand... I think I can smell something in the air when it comes to Linux
distros. I've tried the whole Debian thing. I won't go into the
specifics this time, but I see that Gentoo has adopted the
stable/unstable concept for their distro. I think it's only a matter of
time before Fedora does this. And if this happens, I can seriously see
myself coming back to "Red Hat."

You know the dumbest part of why? Because their lists SUCK! I just
joined this one today, and already I see the sort of in-depth commentary
that I had grown to love on the old Red Hat lists. I think I'm going to
be downloading the "real" release of Fedora when it becomes available.
Maybe I'll wait for a "stable" branch. (Just calling Rawhide the
"unstable" branch isn't enough for me.)

The best reason why is that I think people like me might have a shot at
influencing the direction of the distro, through this list. I'm tired of
being told to take these sorts of discussions someplace else on the SuSE
lists, and I'm tired of the elitism of the Debian lists. If the Red Hat
community comes home to roost in a Red Hat-backed organization like this
-- that allows real outside influence -- this may just be a winner.

> Oh yeah, I'm working on a printserver using Debian Woody. That seems a good 
> fit for a 16Meg RAM, 1 Gig harddisk, 100Mhz machine. No GUI, just plain 
> command line screen (and remote access via ssh). It's up and running, but I 
> have more work to do.

Against my prejudices, I just installed Woody on a laptop. A P133 with
32 MB of RAM. Would anyone here expect to get a 2.4 kernel running on
such a thing? I think there's a minimum 64 MB required by most defaults
these days, and I _SURE_ wasn't waiting to compile a system on that box
from some source-based distro! Eh. All I need is a minicom terminal and
X client.


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