Re: Fedora and the System Administrator -- are my assumptions onSuSE incorrect?

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On Saturday 04 October 2003 10:43, Buck wrote:
> Thanks, Ed,
> Yes, we are the same age, but I am brand new to Linux.  I first started
> to get into Linux about a year ago.  I had a spare computer and wanted
> to learn it and use it.  I read the reviews, checked out the local book
> stores, read the websites of what must have been a dozen or more brands
> and then looked at the list serves available.  Probably every version
> has both Yahoo and MSN groups support but when I tried them I became
> overwhelmed with spam, so I had to rule that out as an option. I
> monitored three list servs lists and checked out the release frequency
> and availability of maintenance support.  It became a toss up between
> Red Hat and SuSE at that time.  Red Hat won because of the availability
> of resources including the books at the book stores, these list serve
> lists and the availability of ISOs on the internet.
> Buck
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> onSuSE incorrect?
> On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 23:45, Buck wrote:
> > For those of you who like to keep fresh blood on your hands, Fedora
> > might be better.  In this field, I am probably the old man (45) and I
> > don't care to see blood too long, especially if its my own.
> <SNIP>
> > Good luck
> >
> > Buck
> First off, we are the old men, (also 45, just last week), but I always
> liked bleeding edge. I was all over linux when I first learned of it.
> The first shrink wrapped was RHL 6.2. I also bought Suse, Caldera, and
> Turbo linux to try them all, but came back to RHL. I liked playing
> Tetris while Caldera loaded. I liked Suse somewhat, but it just missed
> for me, Turbo Linux was out there somewhere, but it was Red Hat that I
> settled on, and eventually embraced and became a RHCE. I know that you
> can buy RHEL and still have Red Hat, but it just isn't RHL as we knew
> it. Fedora may be a great project, but it isn't RHL. It isn't Red Hat.
> That is the only reason that I stated that I will have to evaluate Suse,
> Mandrake, et al, along with Fedora. 
> Ed

Sounds like we have a couple of old men, lol. I'm 45 as well, with 46 staring 
me in the eyes (in November). Buck - if you have a LUG near you, ask for help 
in installing SuSE via FTP. I did, and got it running. I ended up purchasing 
the Personal version for the CD's and the manual (a good user's manual helps 
in a lot of small areas). I like SuSE, but it isn't doing it for me - so I'm 
looking around. Another alternative is to try out the SuSE newsgroup. A third 
alternative is to download the SuSE Live Evaluation CD to see if you like it. 
If so, then it might be worth purchasing it.

I also tried Mandrake. That installed easily and worked well - but I got 
upgade and install happy. Quickly broke it by pointing to different sources 
for RPM's, installing some packages via urpmi (and the gui grpmi), installed 
others via command line rpm, and still other via CVS. Oh yeah, built a few of 
my own RPMs, too. Not well, kind of messy - not about to do that again any 
time soon. You can mess up a system pretty quickly!

Oh yeah, I'm working on a printserver using Debian Woody. That seems a good 
fit for a 16Meg RAM, 1 Gig harddisk, 100Mhz machine. No GUI, just plain 
command line screen (and remote access via ssh). It's up and running, but I 
have more work to do.

To bring this back to the subjkect of this mailing list, I'm very interested 
in Fedora, and think it can fill a need. I like that it is based on 
Consumer's version of Red Hat. I also like that you can use apt for keeping 
up to date. Think I need another PC to mess with Fedora - it's my gut feeling 
that I will move from SuSE (and Mandrake) and possibly Debian to Fedora. I 
also think it will fit in well at the church I do volunteer LAN work for. I'm 
holding off for now, but plan on installing as soon as it goes GA. If I had a 
PC for breaking/fixing - then I would install Fedora now to get a feel for 

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