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the sendmail cf option has a cc option but if I recall thats for all 
email. You probably dont want to do that.

Instead you may find a more flexible solution with procmail, heres a site 
with a bunch of procmail links


On Fri, 28 Nov 2003, Don wrote:

> On Fri, 2003-11-28 at 12:19, Craig Tinson wrote:
> > guys.. have a quick query..
> > 
> > my boss has asked me to setup sendmail so that any email that goes out 
> > through it from his employees gets auto'cc'd to him..
> > 
> > this is to be done with sendmail so that the emplyees don't know it's 
> > happening.. is this do-able?
> I don't know if that's as easy as a config line.... but what you want to
> do is create an additional RCPT TO: <boss-e-mail-address> PRIOR to the
> smtp DATA command. (Note the < and > are part of the smtp syntax.)
> There's no need to put the cc: in the rfc822 headers if you really want
> it to be done secretly. (and cc: would be seen by all recipients anyway,
> so it wouldn't be secret for long.)
> By using RCPT TO: without putting it in the "envelope" you effectively
> create a "bcc:" (blind courtesy copy)
> This sort of thing has other uses... all e-mail can be copied to another
> location to be archived... a copy of a reply could also be sent to the
> same archival place and effectively all e-mail communications are
> recorded...
> Don
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