Prism 2.5 Wavelan chipset - unable to configure wireless adapter

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Hello all,

T30 type 2366-52u
Fedora FC1
Intel VE/100 on eth0 as e100 module
And what should be prism2_pci + p80211.o for a
"Harris Semiconducter" Prism 2.5 Wavelan chipset. (the radio is built in,
not a card service)

In lspci and hwbrowser these objects are found with no problem, except that
in hwbrowser the chipset is listed to work with orinoco_cs

This is incorrect as I found out when I did have prism2_pci working with
RedHat 8.0 before I upgraded.

I have no recollection of just HOW I was able to get it work, just know it
took a long time, a lot of Readme's and tries with RPM's and tar.gz from the
wlan-ng group.

In v 0.15 corresponding to RH8, the wlan.conf lives under /etc/wlan.conf

I now notice they reworked how networking is instantiated -> now under

The question is two fold:

Why in the world is this still so difficult!?  Adding a built in ethernet
device always works, and plug-in (card service) modules for ethernet also
always work, but my guess is that folks in the wlan-ng group are not seeing
the bigger picture, and are focusing on the tasks of updating the underlying
code.  My wish list for this would be constructing a front-end for the
RPM/tar'balls that allows you to identify the card/card-type and assigning
it to wlan0 before it then and tries to insmod...  That way Redhat then can
in turn build it into their 'neat' wizard...  But anyway, that's more a
gripe than a question.

The real question is... How in heck do I get the wireless adapter net setup
to work by hand?  The Fedora "Add a network device" or whatever it is wizard
just does not work correctly for built-in radios. 

I keep choking on "Unresolved symbol... Bla bla bla...

I was close once, where I actually got the radio on and working, but it
picked up my neighbor's AP via wlancfg-DEFAULT rather than my specified
wlancfg-goo (yes, I named my AP "goo") but then with additional attempts at
tinkering I lost the setup I had where I had gotten THAT far,

Any help would be appreciated, but mostly help with attempting to figure out
how the new "network-scripts" structure of assigning devices to modules, and
then which conf's get configured in which syntax, etc. would be most
helpful.  If I can grasp the overall picture, I can usually figure out the
minutia of configuring the last steps by watching the error messages.

/me fears I should have left well enough alone with RH8.0 instead of
upgrading to Fedora!  Otherwise, I like Fedora, no other problems found.
Peace all. Richard.

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