Re: Installation Woes

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Alexandre Strube wrote:
Em Seg, 2003-11-24 às 15:56, Rick Stevens escreveu:

I burned on non-RW discs. It's possible that there's a problem with the
image sizes for RW discs.

No way, I've been using the same 3 cd-rw since redhat 7.2 - they're 650
mb, and sooo old that there is some kind of fungus (?) growing on them,
from the center... It wouldn't stopped me installing fedora core 1 with

And my cd burner is a old 8x4x32 lg one :-)

They are blue, anyway.

RH7.3, RH8.0, RH9 and FC1 all require 700MB CD-Rs. You MAY get them to fit on a 650MB CD-R, but I sure wouldn't bet on it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - Rick Stevens, Senior Systems Engineer [email protected] - - VitalStream, Inc. - - - - Try to look unimportant. The bad guys may be low on ammo. - ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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