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Hmm.. It's strange that it would halt on the first CD. I had an install
stall on the second CD due to a corrupted file. When I burned a new copy of
the CD using different burning software (used Nero this time), which
informed me that the image was too large and the disc would need to be
"finalized" in order to fit everything on the one disc. This didn't happen
when I was using another piece of software.

I also didn't have this problem with the release just prior to Yarrow, which
I burned on non-RW discs. It's possible that there's a problem with the
image sizes for RW discs.


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On Mon, Nov 24, 2003 at 04:10:44AM -0800, Chris Sparks wrote:
> Hello!
> I have tried two different approaches to install Fedora to no avail.  
> The first I bought CDs from CheapBytes and found that the installation 
> would halt during installation from the first CD.  I then downloaded the 
> ".iso" images from a website (bonafide mirror) and burned new CDs and 
> that too halted during isntallation.  Is there some inherent problem 
> with installation or am I not doing something that I need to do?

Possibly unrelated, but I put FC1 on my workstation here at home this
weekend. The first disc stalled after 4 packages. Having bought a
stack of Memorex Black CD-Rs that day and with the Yarrow isos on my
laptop win partition, I burned some new CDs and all was fine after
that. There are some really crappy CD blanks out there.

Jack Bowling
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