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Timothy S. Mori wrote:
Hmm.. It's strange that it would halt on the first CD. I had an install
stall on the second CD due to a corrupted file. When I burned a new copy of
the CD using different burning software (used Nero this time), which
informed me that the image was too large and the disc would need to be
"finalized" in order to fit everything on the one disc. This didn't happen
when I was using another piece of software.

I also didn't have this problem with the release just prior to Yarrow, which
I burned on non-RW discs. It's possible that there's a problem with the
image sizes for RW discs.

FWIW, many (and I mean MANY) CD drives have problems reading CD-RWs. This is due to the dark color of the CD-RW and the color of the laser used in these drives. Many drives so cursed also have trouble reading the bluish colored CD-Rs, also, while the greenish ones present no problem. In my experience, it's most commonly the 24x - 32x drives that have this issue.

I'm just tossing this out as a warning.  Don't necessarily blame the
media--it could be an incompatibility with your drive.
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