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On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 00:03, Grizzly(Francis Smit) wrote:
> Steven W. Orr wrote:
> >I think that *29* lines of a .siganture file is about as rude as I've ever 
> >seen it. Please read
> >especially the section on Signatures.
> >
> >  
> >
> hmmm clearly you are a person who is seriously challenged in the area of 
> good manners,
> contacting people of list and berating them about their sig/netiquette, 
> is in and of it's self
> rude, but since this is a list and policy about posts/sigs etc should be 
> either the decision of
> the entire list, or the list owner/admins, that makes it doubly rude.  
> I cannot help feeling that deep down you knew you where being rude, why 
> else do this
> off list, how ever I am bringing this back on list where everyone may 
> have their say about
> this if they even care. In the spirit of debate I have temporarily 
> shortened my sig for this
> post, however I'd like to see a valid argument as to why there is a 
> problem with sig length,
> something you have completely neglected, a link to a (hmm ISP I 
> think)'s  netiquette page
> is not a valid anything, as that is just their opinion, and unless they 
> are a member of this
> forum their opinion is irrelevant.

FWIW I have a few pet peeves regarding list usage:

Long signatures, or signatures in general for that matter that require
me to delete them when I reply.

Top posting.  I used the archives of lists as a primary information
resource.  if a message thread is too jumbled the information is lost.

thread hijacking.  

Html mail.


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