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Wouldn't it be a good stratigy to modify the comps.xml file in a way to split up the basic-package group into two. Resulting in a real-basic-group and a e.g. distro-basic group. This way anaconda can install the real basic package selection for you.

I have been walking around with this thought since the rh8 times. Haven't found enough time to realy attack this. I also am confronted with big installations on machines I only use as routers.

All the extra packages not only force me to install "big" harddisks, but are also only potential security problems as they are not actually used by the system to do it's job, but can be used by a potential "bad-guy".


At 21:07 11/8/2003, you wrote:

On Sun, 2003-11-09 at 06:15, Jonathan M. Slivko wrote:
> Maybe a "mini" ISO, like what FreeBSD has is needed for Fedora? Just an
> idea.
would that be the rescue Cd, its a redhat live cd in a way with the
minimal stuff required for rescue !!

Different concept altogether, Walid. We want a working, functional, permanent install of Fedora under 200MB of disk space, and if possible lower than 150MB. The rescue CD is great for what it does, but it is not a "live CD Linux" like Knoppix for example. It does not have functional routing, firewalling, DHCP server, etc.

Rodolfo J. Paiz
rpaiz simpaticus com

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