Re: RHEL clones

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Xose Vazquez Perez said:
> William Hooper wrote:
>> The other poster quoted a section that said you couldn't transfer the
>> Service.  It had nothing to do with RPMs.
> If you have any doubt about RHEL license consult your local lawyer,
> this is not a legal advice list. Period.

Nah, really.  There seems to be a lot of legal advise being thrown around
about what I can't do.  I personally don't have an interest in copying
RHEL, I'm just tired of hearding the FUD.

Put up or shut up.  Where does RHEL restrict what I can do with GPL (BSD,
etc.) code?  It might be there, but I have yet to see it.  Feel free to do
it off list if you want.

William Hooper

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