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> You are falling into the same old trap.  Support calls are not the only
> cost involved with supporting the product.  Back-porting fixes, testing,
> QA, etc.  are also a big part of the cost that doesn't fluctuate with
> have much you call.  We are talking about keeping the same major version
> of software for 5 years and keeping it secure and stable.  I'm sure
> there is a "break even" cost associated with calling support, but the
> isn't the whole picture.

And since out small business has been priced out of RHEL, there's not a
darn thing we can do about it. Well, there *IS* one thing we can do. We've
considered purchasing one copy of RHEL 3.0, stripping all of the non-GPL
stuff out of it, purposely never using the support option, and calling it
Quantum Linux. Is that wrong? Legally, no.  We've been studying the GPL
and the RH licensing agreement closely and they support such an action. Is
it moral? I believe it is. We're happy to pay RH a chunk of change once a
year as our "contribution" towards all of the QA you speak of. NPR works
the same way, with a great deal of success. 


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A: Because we read from top to bottom, left to right.
Q: Why should i start my reply below the quoted text?

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