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Satish Balay wrote:

On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, Ben Russo wrote:

Wade Hampton wrote:

I have several questions for the list:

1. How do I get gdm on RH 9 to stop listening on port 6000 (e.g., for my laptop)

If GDM was listening for remote connections it would be on port 177, but since
by default it doesn't do that, this isn't your issue.

Port 6000 is (by default) the port that the first X display will listen to for incomming

BTW, in fedrora beta/rawhide/core1 X tcp listen is disabled by
default. If need - it can be enabled by adding 'DisallowTCP=false' to

On RH 8, I added DisallowTCP=true to the gdm.conf file and it worked.
I have tried in my gdm.conf file [security] section as described in

When I restart gdm or when I reboot, port 6000 is still open (nmap -s T <ip address>).

I hope it is fixed in Fedora (of course, I hope the docs also describe how to open it
back up for those that don't know this option).

Can I use the fedora gdm package on RH 9?

Wade Hampton

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