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Jeff Lasman said:
> On Saturday 01 November 2003 07:16 pm, William Hooper wrote:
>> How are RPMs "Services"?
> They are available only by subscription under a license you sign and
> agree to that says you'll only use them on the machine you've licensed.

This has nothing to do with a license.  This has to do with a service

The other poster quoted a section that said you couldn't transfer the
Service.  It had nothing to do with RPMs.

> This has been discussed several times on this list in the past few days.
> The most important part of the equation is that Red Hat has publicly
> stated that they will go after anyone who violates this provision of
> their license.  Reference several articles on this list this past
> weekend and the license itself.
> Jeff

Again, the only thing this covers is services.  Please point me to where
it says you can't copy RPMs from one machine to another if you have one
RHEL machine setup and one machine that has no Red Hat trademarks on it.

William Hooper

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