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I am trying to find out about how Fedora will be released. I.E., if I wished
to release CD's of the Fedora Project, Could I do so under another name
without infrigning on anyone's rights? In other words, I may wish to have
burned CD's available of the Source and Binaries, but not call it Fedora, so
that people can order the same for a small fee. Is this feasibale under the
Fedora Project, or will this be considered an infringement of the rights of
the developers and contributors?

The last thing I want to do is make people upset. I merely want to enable
those without a broadband connection or patience to be able to order a CD or
DVD set without the hassle of the big download. Also, can documentation then
be built for same and charged for, or would that be considered a violation
of Red Hat's rights? Also, how do developers who contribute feel about that?
Is it a problem, or is it expected that others will deliver CDs and DVDs?

I am not trying to cash in on this, I am jusy trying to come up with a way
to start a fund for the Corporation for Public Software by providing a
service first. Getting that off the ground is still a long-term goal for me.

Due to the noise level of the list, I would ask that responses please come
direct to me as this is not a development question, but a delivery question.
I am not sure that is appropriate for the list (maybe it is, but I am not
certain, and I don't want to take away from the development discussions).

My email (intended for human eyes and comprehension): ctalk at austin dot rr
dot com.

Thanks in advance for your replies.


Chuck Talk

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