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On Sat, 2003-11-01 at 11:00, Chuck Talk wrote:
> I am trying to find out about how Fedora will be released. I.E., if I wished
> to release CD's of the Fedora Project, Could I do so under another name
> without infrigning on anyone's rights? In other words, I may wish to have
> burned CD's available of the Source and Binaries, but not call it Fedora, so
> that people can order the same for a small fee. Is this feasibale under the
> Fedora Project, or will this be considered an infringement of the rights of
> the developers and contributors?

Why call it something besides what it is?  Fedora is free to use and
distribute.  You can resell it to your hearts content as long as you can
find someone willing to pay what you are asking.

You must distribute it AS IS without changes.  

If you want to distribute it under another name you will need to change
all of the artwork and remove all references to fedora.

Hardly worth the hassle.  

If you want to write documentation and charge for it that to is your

These things are not a violation of the GPL.

Keep in mind also, that you can't change the license on these products. 
What's free for you to use and distribute is free for everyone else to
use and distribute.

For the record though the answers to your questions are addressed here
for the most part:


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