Re: Re: Re: how bleeding edge will the next fedora release be?

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On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 12:20, Preston Crawford wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 08:43, William Hooper wrote:
> > > If there's a bug in Apache will they fix it, though? And once again,
> > > what about Samba, NFS, etc. And when I speak of these things I'm not
> > > just talking about them being included, but also the accompanying little
> > > widgets that help you manage them.
> > 
> > I'm not sure how to put it any plainer, RTFWP:
> >
> Okay, so it has Samba, NFS and Apache out of the gate, but as I've said
> over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and
> over again, it's about  more than just "can I get an RPM". Updates are
> crucial as well and... well... this is what it says.

Why do you keep arguing with what is obviously a M$ zombie!  If they want
an OS with everything from the same group, maintained by the same people
(which still doesn't work), tell them to buy M$.

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