Fedora's Open Office forgets settings?

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I notice that Fedora's Open Office will occasionally reset some of my
preferences and was wondering if anyone else had noticed this.  Here's
what I change on Fedora's OOo 1.1:

* Remove all font replacement (Tools/options)
* Uncheck Printing Sets Document modified (Tools/options)
* Uncheck most autoformat/autocorrect options
* Turn off paperclip, er. "Help Agent" (Tools/options)

If I set up OOo1.1 this way, it will remember these settings for a few
sessions.  A few sessions later, OOo 1.1 "forgets" my settings, and resets
all of the above to the defaults, which is really annoying as I can't
STAND autocorrect ruining my chemical formulas. :)

Some of my configuration settings ARE remembered - my registration
information, modified keyboard shortcuts, and default document fonts (at
least for writer documents - how can you set a default font for

Has anyone else noticed this behavior?  If so, any way to get OOo to
behave properly?  I searched bugzilla on OOo and Fedora and didn't find
anything on my first go.

This is a fresh Fedora install, so there aren't any old versions of OOo
config files around to mess things up.
*  Charles Taylor <[email protected]>
*  Chemistry teacher, Linux enthusiast!
*  Web: http://home.mindspring.com/~charletiv/

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