RE:HOWTO import kmail content into Evolution? (request for help)

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 Elton Woo wrote:
> I did a search on google, and came up with this link:
> When I do the procedure as outlined:
> 1) Import a single file with File type, "automatic".
> Select one *folder* to import. e.g. /home/abe/Mail/inbox 
> (i.e. *highlight* "inbox")
> 2) Import TO "Local" OR  Import to "Local ---> Inbox",
> and Evolution complains
> "There is no importer that is able to handle /home/abe/Mail"
> I note that the information in the aforementioned link is
> dated 23 Mar 2002, so what am I doing wrong? If I *am*
> following the procedure correctly, what has changed in
> Evolution?
> TIA,
> Elton ;-)
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Well, I recently changed over to Evolution from KMail. This is what I
ended up doing:

You will need to transfer a foler or individual email at a time. You
cannot convert the whole thing in one easy step unfortunately. Or at
least no way that I know of.

First, the KMail side:

>From within KMail,
        1) I selected the folder I wanted to export.
        2) Select all messages from within the folder you want to export
                (Edit/Select all messages)
        3) Save the messages as a file <FileName> (File/Save As)

For this portion, I created a directory MailConvert and saved each
folder into it. Just made it easier to keep track, I had a lot of

Second, the Evolution side:
        1) Create the new folder names (File/Folder/New Folder) for each
you are going to import.

        2) Import (File/Import)
                Select "Import a single file"
                Select the file to be imported <FileName> (Browse)
                Select the appropriate folder

        3) Repeat step 2 until all files are imported.

This should import 90-95% of the emails. For some reason some of mine
were currupted on the import processes. In which case, I just needed to
import them as separate files and the were ok.

Legend: () = button
        <> = variable

I hope this helps,

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