Re: inconsistencies in repositories

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I'm trying to install it now from command line.

I understand that the right tool for it is yum and not up2date.
However when I try to install i get:
# yum install php-mysql
Resolving dependencies
..package MySQL-devel needs MySQL-client (not provided)
package MySQL-bench needs MySQL-client (not provided)

I think you or someone else has installed a non-fedora mysql package, since the packages in fedora are named mysql, mysql-server and mysql-devel. MySQL isn't the same thing as mysql in the wonderful world of rpm. So, you should remove all MySQL rpms and instead use the fedora packages. Remove them, then do yum install php-mysql again, and it will grab mysql along with it.

Note: mysql in fedora is 3.23, so if you need 4.x you'll have to look
elsewhere for mysql and related packages.


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