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On Monday May 29, [email protected] wrote:
> >
> > And we really have no tie-breaker mechanism in the kernel - I know
> > Linus is very loathe to play that role.  Negotiation, compromise, and
> > persistence are what is needed.
> >
> > I suspect that to make progress you will have to start out by doing
> > something that you don't completely agree with.  But that doesn't need
> > to be a loss.  It will be both a learning experience and a credibility
> > earning exercise.
> >
> > Maybe if you are really genuine about putting effort into this we
> > should see if something can be arranged to get you to the
> > kernel-summit so that you, Jon, and Dave can yell at each other for a
> > while and come to some understanding:-)
> We did this at last years Kernel Summit :-)

Apparently.  The difference would be that this time there is someone
who claims to have the time and interest to actually do something,
which doesn't seem to have been the case last year.  I would hate to
see that offer wasted.

> When I state these views they are not all my own, they are the
> aggregate of a number of developers who were at KS last year and a few
> we've talked to since.

I don't doubt it.  
But I can see that Mr Hazelton (I cannot seem to find a first name,
and I hope I'm offending by assuming it is a Mr...) is in a difficult
position, despite good intentions on all side.  I was looking for a way
to short-circuit the 'politics'.

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