Re: OpenGL-based framebuffer concepts

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Jon Smirl wrote:

Or: lock the memory in advance, to avoid the use of swap. But this is not better than doing the same thing from a userspace application that shows a pop-up ballon with the contents of this oops. And it won't be affected by a disk
failure, because it has everything already in memory.

Most video hardware (99%) has enough memory to support double
buffering. You save it to the other buffer, display the error, and
copy it back on enter.
Graphichs memory and double buffering is nice, which is why it might
already be in use when the panic happens.  Overwriting
someone elses double buffers or fonts or textures is even worse
than overwriting the display. The latter is usually sort of fixable
with a few alt+tabs. . .

Helge Hafting

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