Re: Why the DOS has many ntfs read and write driver,but the linux can't for a long time

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On 1/10/06, Jakob Oestergaard <[email protected]> wrote:
> ...
> > > Hell kfm is probably a hell of a lot more bloated than Nautilus and
> > > it's pretty fast to start first time (1-2s), and cached it's pretty
> > > much instantaneous (I'd say less than 400ms). Fast enough, no?
> > >
> >
> > I don't think it's a broken configuration, just a slow machine (600MHz
> > VIA C3).  Windows XP screams compared to Linux on this thing.
> >
> Guys... Apples and oranges and stuff.
> My mother is running KDE on Linux now because (among other things)
> windows explorer was unbearably slow for displaying folders with image
> thumbnails  (very large images and lots of them).
> Changing from an older 433MHz Celeron with too little memory to a 2.6
> GHz P4 with a gig of memory was not enough. We tried quite a few things,
> but I ended up giving KDE on Linux (Debian, not that it matters) a try.
> I don't know Nautilus and I don't care - but I can say that there are
> definitely situations in which KDE on Linux seriously and thoroughly
> kicks MS butt both when it comes to simple usability and availability of
> "good" software, and not least when it comes to the part of usability we
> call "performance".  Getting the job done in time - and if something
> takes a while to process, being able to do it in the background and
> letting the user use the computer meanwhile.
> This is not a kernel thing. There is proper desktop software out there -
> go use it already  :)
> My 0.02 Euro, for what it's worth,
I have been using an 800MHz VIA C3 based box (256MB RAM) at work a
while back, running Slackware Linux 10.2 with XFCE as the desktop and
it's very usable - quite snappy infact. Even KDE runs resonably well
on that box once you turn off some of the eyecandy. I have no idea how
the box would run Win XP, but it's certainly quite fine as a Linux
workstation IMHO.

Jesper Juhl <[email protected]>
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