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Hi 'mdew' (you do have a name, do you?),

mdew wrote:
mapped to "p". I found the TV Button, The DVD Button, the CH-/+ and
the OK Button all non-working, every other button produced the "p".
Could you please try 'showkey -s' from a console on all of those keys?

Pavel: I would think that 'more useful' is not really the same as 'correct'. If you find it useful to map this key to 'ENTER', so you should remap it in userspace. It should not be KEY_ENTER in the kernel for at least two reasons:
- The key is labled 'ok' (and not enter). I assume the code KEY_OK is
  made for exactly that kind of key and certain applications might
  look for exactly this code.
- You might want to differentiate between this key and the ENTER key
  of your keyboard, at least I do. If the kernel is sending the same
  code for both keys, this is not possible in userspace.


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