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On Sat, 02 Aug 2008 08:45:15 -0700, Mike wrote:

>>From a long time pine/alpine user this is horrible news!  I have yet to
> find a suitable replacement.  Cone comes close but no cigar for me...
> The only discussion I was able to find is here:

	That seems to be essentially the text of that thread, yes. Do you 
really not have a newsreader and a newsfeed? I mean ordinary old-
fashioned Usenet : there are still some useful (moderated) groups on it, 
and any ISP I know of, at least in North America, provides access to it 
as part of its routine package. Try "yum install pan," then get your ISP 
(or its website) to tell you what to enter when you start setting it up.

	Note that the "fish" post simply states the layoffs. Discussion 
of implications for Alpine slipped in only quite recently, and seems now 
to be taking off.

	Cone and mutt are the only suggestions I've seen yet, and they 
don't look auspicious to me so far. Cone in particular seems to want to 
do html, which I call an outright abomination in email.

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