Re: Where is the script that does the automatic e2fsck's located?

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Craig White wrote:
On Thu, 2005-03-17 at 15:30 +0000, Paul Howarth wrote:

Gene Heskett wrote:

Ahh, I see, and I have such a file now. It will now be quite a few reboots before I see if that helped though, about 20 to go I believe. OTOH, I could use those up in a day or so as I'm tyring to troubleshoot why the patch, a simple little 2 liner, should break tvtimes audio controls, but it does. Totally disabling the volume control and makeing the resultant audio badly distorted and tinny as hell.

You can add forcefsck as a parameter to the kernel boot line (e.g. in grub) to force a filesystem check I think. Or create a file /forcefsck

The /fsckoptions and /forcefsck files will get erased at each reboot btw.

---- are you guys gonna keep batting this around?

man fstab

see explanation on 6th field

What has that got to do with forcing a filesystem check?

Gene doesn't want to disable the filesystem check, he just wants it to be more verbose so it's clear that the system hasn't hung.


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